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The Durham Scientist is an online magazine which aims to present a broad scope of scientific articles. And our journalistic endeavour is to create an engaging and informative platform to share scientific news, issues and opinions within the scientific community as well as beyond. We attempt to bridge the gap between the various scientific departments along with the humanities by showcasing articles that provide relevant and entertaining scientific content for everybody.

This society was founded in 2018, thanks to the dedication of some pioneering finalists so we hope to continue and build upon their vision of giving a platform to a range of creative scientific minds, expanding their talent and exploring their skills beyond the academic community.

Special thanks to Beryl Tang from Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) for the Logo design.

The Exec

Hi, I am Cherie form Castle. I am a third-year chemist and my main interest is functional materials. As the president this year, I will try my best to make sure the society is running smoothly. I can’t wait to see you submitting interesting articles and be part of this society!


Cherie Wong

Hi, I’m Vankshita Mishra and I’m in my third year studying Physics and Chemistry within Natural Sciences. I will be editing the articles and corresponding with our contributors as well as managing the society’s public presence (social media and events) - I hope to greatly increase our reach so more students are able to interact with the magazine so the science we present is accessible to all. I’m interested in quantum mechanics, the applications of mathematical modelling in chemistry and, outside of my subject, neuroscience in particular.


Vankshita Mishra

Hi, I’m Lucy Pallent and I’m currently in my second year studying natural sciences, more specifically computer science and mathematics. As the Durham Scientist treasurer, I manage the budget and raise funding for the society through sponsorship and grants. I’m particularly interested in the practical implications of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other industry disrupting technologies. I strongly believe that, when communicated correctly, science can be both engaging and thought-provoking and I look forward to helping create content like this for the Durham Scientist.


Lucy Pallent

Hi, I’m Ben a second-year computer scientist. As webmaster I will be maintaining the website and handling article uploads. I am currently most interested in data science and machine learning. Aside from computer science I have a passion for physics. I look forward to working on the Durham Scientist and being able to contribute to this important society.


Ben Spinks

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