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We’re looking for a variety of writers – as long as we receive intriguing and fresh science journalism. Contact if you are interested!


Become our writer:

  • Feature writers for each section (see the relevant sections for inspiration) 

    • Contribute three articles (or more) in the first and second term.

      • News: articles between 300-700 words about recent scientific developments or news

      • Quick Reads: articles between 50-150 words about news or fascinating facts you feel must be shared with the world (like an abstract)!

      • Entertainment: articles between 500-1500 words about the entertaining side of science – anything you feel relates interesting scientific analysis to more light-hearted topics in the everyday. 

      • Career & Politics: articles between 500-1500 words of any opinions you may have about how science is received in society: its place in education, politics etc or your personal experiences within the scientific community. 

      • Physics / Chemistry / Biology: articles between 500-1500 words related to the respective subject.

      • Technology: articles between 500-1500 words related to computer science, engineering etc.

  • Interviewers – writers investigating new scientific developments happening in Durham so contacting lecturers and postgraduate students.

    • Contribute two articles (or more) in the first and second term.

  • Freelance – contribute a one-off article for any topic

Each article should contain: 1) Title; 2) A banner image; 3) A tag line and 4) References


Q & A

Q) Being freelance is more flexible, why do you still want to be a feature writer?

A) As a feature writer, you will have your name and photograph on our “About Us” page. You can put the title on your CV, and it will surely look impressive. In addition, you will develop better writing skills and science communication skills when you have more opportunities to write. It will help you to write better reports and essays.

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